Saturday, June 18, 2011

Some pictures confirm the existence of armed militias that oppose the Syrian regime

Syrian opponents begin to organize militias to confront the regime of Bashar Assad. That's what they show some pictures taken with an i-Phone near the village of Jisr al Shugour and delivered Thursday to AFP. This is a rare testimony of an armed insurrection in a country suffering the violent repression of the regime for three months, when they began peaceful demonstrations against the government.

According to the author of the photos, the images show some alleged members of the Muslim Brotherhood with hunting rifles in a 'checkpoint'.

This is an organization outlawed in Syria after the bloody clashes that fought the Baathist regime in the early 80's. The country has a law providing the death penalty for members of this group. The snapshots were taken in the mountains near Jisr al Shugour, the town of 50,000 northwest of Syria's troops recently stormed Asad causing the flight of thousands to neighboring Turkey.

The army announced on Sunday that restored order in the city after having cornered "armed men" in the surrounding mountains. The military also claimed to have discovered in Jisr al Shugour two "mass graves" where, according to his version, lay the bodies of soldiers official "tortured" by the rebels.

The testimonies of refugees in Turkey claim that they were bodies of protesters. Meanwhile, the UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon expressed from Brazil "deep concern" about the conflicts in Syria and Libya, and demanded Syrian President Bashar Assad that "cessation of killing people ".

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