Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hundreds of Jordanians demonstrate to demand the resignation of the government

Hundreds of Jordanians rallied on Friday after Muslim prayers in various parts of the country to demand the resignation of Prime ministroMaruf Bakhit and policy reforms aimed witnesses. In Tafileh, 180 kilometers south of Amman, hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets to ask Bakhit's resignation for his "failure" when carrying out political reforms, witnesses said by telephone declined to be identified.

They also protested against the security services in the area prevented their representatives meet with King Abdullah II during a visit to this town last Monday to give their demands. There were also demonstrations in Karak (center) and Irbid (north) to request the government down. The protestors chanted also slogans calling for the breaking of diplomatic ties with Israel and the repeal of the 1994 peace treaty.

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