Saturday, June 18, 2011

A leak of radioactive water decontamination in Fukushima delayed

A new leak of radioactive water from nuclear power plant in Fukushima-1 threatens to delay the start of operations to restore water decontamination system, scheduled for this Friday, as reported by the Tokyo Power Company (TEPCO) . The leak occurred as a result of a breakdown in the pumping system.

The operators of the electricity now working to repair the circuit, but inevitably a delay in the work of decontamination, said on state television NHK. The removal of radioactive water is one of the keys to solving the crisis in Fujushima-1. For months, the workers dumped about 500 tons of water to cool reactors at the plant and avoid a new issue of radioactive particles into the atmosphere.

This situation could worsen with the onset of the rainy season. The French company Areva and US Kurion both nuclear experts have helped to design the decontamination system. Their technicians moved to Japan shortly after the earthquake and tsunami of March 11 that caused the nuclear accident.

Before shuffling the option to clean water, the Japanese poured some 10,000 tons of radioactive liquid into the Pacific Ocean, sparking criticism from China and South Korea for possible damage to marine life.

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