Friday, June 24, 2011

Apple removes an application that promoted third Palestinian intifada

Following the protest of several Israeli ministers, Apple has decided to withdrawfrom its iTunes store an application in Arabic, which promoted the "Third Palestinian Intifada" against Israel. "We have withdrawn the application because it violates the guidelines " announced the Apple spokesman Tom Neumayr.

A few days ago, Steve Jobs had received an email from the Israeli Minister of Information (Public Diplomacy), Yuli Edelstein, pretending the elimination of ThirdIntifada "because it promotes violence and terror actions against Israeli citizens." This morning, Edelstein thanked the company's decision to Jobs: "It's a step in the struggle against hostile elements and initiatives are often impregnated with anti-Semitism and incitement to hatred through new media.

Apple has shown, as in Facebook did the past, shared values opposed to violence, incitement to hatred and terrorism. " According to Israeli experts, the application has been effectively removed, but users who managed to acquire the smooth still used today and among other things to update everything related to calls for new intifada or uprising against Israel.

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