Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Clashes between Protestants and Catholics in Belfast.

Violent clashes have erupted Tuesday in the streets of Belfast resulting in 22 injuries among the security forces after the completion of Protestant marches in Northern Ireland, as reported by media close to the police. Like every year, thousands of members of the Orange Order took to the streets to commemorate the victory of Protestant King William of Orange over the Catholic James II at the Battle of Boyne in 1690, shows that often cross nationalist areas.

Among the most controversial points out the gear that runs through north Belfast and that it passes through the Catholic Ardoyne area, concentrating the largest number of police after the clashes last year in this area of the capital left a balance of 48 PSNI officers of the wounded. The security forces have fired rubber bullets at protesters in the area 200 Broadway, in the Catholic west Belfast, to which they have responded by throwing bricks and incendiary cocktail.

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