Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Government of Pakistan threatens to withdraw its troops from the Afghan border

The Government of Pakistan has threatened to withdraw on Tuesday some of their troops deployed against the Taliban allies of al Qaeda in northwestern Pakistan after the U.S. announcement of the suspension of part of its military aid to Islamabad. "The next step is for the government or the armed forces to withdraw its troops from the border areas" in Afghanistan, said the Pakistani minister of defense, Ahmad Mukhtar, a private television Express.

Washington has decided to freeze investment of 800 million dollars of military aid to Islamabad as a result of new measures that limit Pakistani American military activity in the country. Relations between the two countries, allies since Pakistan joined in late 2001 to the "war on terror" American in the region do not live their best after the U.S. intervention that killed Osama bin Laden last on 2 May Abbottabad (northern Pakistan).

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