Tuesday, July 12, 2011

About 2,300 people evacuated in Bulgaria by a cloud of toxic gas

At least 2,300 people were evacuated today from the Bulgarian town Debelets due to the toxic gas cloud formed after a dump truck this morning and five tons of oil pour styrene. Sources of Civil Protection reported that the accident occurred when a truck carrying 20 tons of the chemical went off the road and overturned near the town of 4325 inhabitants, located 320 kilometers from Sofia.

The sources said it has already begun to dissipate and the air quality is back to normal, so no risk to health. In any case, as a precautionary measure, not allowing displaced residents to return home. Emergency crews are pouring water and chemical catalysts in the scene to prevent contamination from spreading and causing a fire that, given the high temperatures, up to 35 degrees Celsius, which is expected today in the area.

Early reports indicate that the incident could be due to a failure of the truck driver. Styrene is a liquid used in the manufacture of plastic products and in contact with air, it emits toxic gas that irritates the eyes and respiratory system and digestive system.

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