Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Seven killed in a plane crash in Siberia

In a spectacular emergency landing of a Russian passenger plane on a river in Siberia has killed at least 7 people and 25 were injured, Interfax news agency reported based on sources from official bodies. The captain decided to land on water in the river Ob, after the engine of the Antonov An-24 caught fire.

During the maneuver the machine was broken and a fire occurred. Rescuers flew to the crash site difficult to access. The device, used for short journeys, traveling at least 33 people on board and headed to the city of Tomsk in Surgut, western Siberia. In recent years there have been several fatal accidents and the An-24, a turboprop-powered aircraft that began flying for almost 50 years.

At present there are still hundreds in service.

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