Monday, July 11, 2011

Middle East Conflict: 120 activists in Israeli detention

The Israeli police on Friday denied 130 pro-Palestinian activists to enter the Tel Aviv airport. On Sunday afternoon, waiting for another 120 participants to prevent a solidarity week in the Palestinian territories in two Israeli prisons for their deportation.

According to the Foreign Office were among only 13 of originally 15 Germans. It was expected that a large part still flies back on Sunday. The organizers of the "Welcome to Palestine" reported that about twenty German and Austrians wanted to travel to the West Bank. On the program were planned at the weekend according to Palestinian reports, some only a hundred people.

Before the action began, more than 600 participants, the speech. About 230 of them still reported from airlines before boarding, after Israeli authorities had put their names on a blacklist. The Israeli government viewed them as a threat to public order. Gaza and the international fleet remained low.

Greece wanted the weekend of the first ten ships, only two continue to try to get into the sealed off by Israel. A French yacht and the Greek-Scandinavian ship "Juliano" had not yet given up, reported the Israeli newspaper "Haaretz" on Sunday. The Greek authorities prohibit the ships several days to run out there.

Much of about 300 activists have returned back home.

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