Monday, July 11, 2011

The new Moroccan constitution was "corrected" a day before the vote

The text of the Constitution adopted last Friday, July 1, the Moroccans was "corrected" one day before the vote, but voters have to know the correct time. The MAP news agency last night issued a statement from the General Secretariat of the government in ensuring that the text was debated for ten days contained a "clerical error" that was "rectified" in the day before the vote, but without explaining what was the error.

However, several media have reported in recent days that the correction was to give more power to the figure of King on the Constitutional Court. Lakoma According to the website, the original text stated that the decree appointing the president of the court was signed by the king and the prime minister, but in the final removal of the reference to the prime minister.

The text of the new constitution was approved with 98.5% votes in favor, since no party or group called the No vote, while participation in the clinic was 73.46%, a figure more significant since the opposition movements advocated abstention. This figure was disputed by the Islamist Justice and Charity (illegal), who noted that the participation had not exceeded 37%.

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