Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The NATO mission in Kosovo calls for reinforcements following the incidents at the border

The leaders of the NATO mission in Kosovo (KFOR) admitted Tuesday that asked for more troops to control the situation in the young Balkan country, where tensions have risen in recent days after Pristina prohibit the importation of goods Serbian in response to a similar action taken by Belgrade. "Yes, I confirm it," declared the spokesman for the Atlantic Alliance in the small republic, Hans Dieter Wicht, after a reporter asked if he had asked KFOR reinforcements to central control from Brussels.

"We asked for a battalion that will be enough," he said, referring to a military unit usually consisting of about 500 soldiers. Currently, the NATO mission in Kosovo has about 6,000 troops. Allied spokeswoman Carmen Romero said Tuesday in Brussels that "the deployment will begin in the coming days." The head would not discuss the number of soldiers involved in the operation.

Last week, the Kosovo government sent special police units to strengthen border control in the north, where most of the Serb minority, which largely remains loyal to Belgrade and Pristina recognized authority. Neither NATO nor the EU mission supported the initiative of local executive. The situation in the north of the country proclaimed independence from Serbia in February 2008 remains very tense.

Last week, a group of several dozen youths set fire to the Jarinje checkpoint.

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