Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Israeli Supreme orders to dismantle the illegal West Bank settlement

Jerusalem. .- The Israeli Supreme Court today ordered the dismantling of the colony of Migron, the largest in the occupied Palestinian territory between the West Bank that Israel considers illegal (for international law, all are). The Court has demanded the army to evacuate before March next year's settlement, near Ramallah and sixty houses in which some 250 settlers live, told Efe Yariv Oppenheimer, director of the Israeli NGO "Ajshav Shalom".

"It's the first time the Supreme Court take a clear decision like this and ordering the government to evacuate an outpost (defined by the NGO and the colonies built without Israeli government approval)," said the activist, who recalled that " is no appeal against this sentence. " The pacifist organization five years ago required the Supreme Court to demand that the State stoppage of growth of the colony of Migron and evacuation of residents, since it has not been authorized and is built on private land belonging to Palestinians.

During this period, says "Shalom Ajshav" Justice has not taken any drastic decision, but merely refer to an intergovernmental agreement with the settlers on the evacuation of settlements, but their patience ran out when, last week, the authorities asked an extension of the situation 16 months for the State to build alternative housing for the settlers.

Complied with the court order, it would be the first dismantling of a colony since Ariel Sharon forced the evacuation of Gaza in 2005, remembers the organization, which considers the Supreme Court decision "unprecedented success." "This case demonstrates that the Supreme Court who must enforce the law in the West Bank and now is the government that has to face the problem that he himself has created and to show that Israel is a democracy, not anarchy: it must respect and ratify the decision, "said the NGO in a note urging the settlers to" accept the decision and begin to evacuate Migron.

" The organization has brought similar cases before the Supreme Court, which is still awaiting sentencing and may be favorably influenced by this decision.

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