Thursday, August 18, 2011

Election campaign in America: Obama attacks the Republican

The American President, Barack Obama is on the offensive. During a three-day bus tour through the Midwest, he told the CNN that he was ready for the presidential election in 2012.

Obama accused the Republicans in the interview that the dispute over raising the debt ceiling to put party interests above the interests of the country. The Texas Governor Rick Perry, who is considered a likely candidate for the presidential candidacy for the Republicans, he recommended more restraint in his utterances.

Perry had told the members of the armed forces rather wanted a president who had served in the military. Perry also had attacked the Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke as saying that this print so much money that it is "almost treason" is. Obama wants to present in September a program to strengthen the economy.

Despite the deficit reduction is to be included additional spending to revive the economy. The White House urges, among other things, financial assistance for the unemployed for longer than currently planned to pay and to reduce unemployment insurance contributions in the coming years. These measures cost some 160 billion dollars a year.

Under discussion are also spending 30 billion dollars for a medium-sized bank. Campaigning by bus tour: President Barack Obama At the same time requires the President, however, that the Commission submits to the deficit reduction savings proposals over those 1.5 trillion dollars in ten years which have been set as a goal.

Obama opposed the demand of the Republicans, the Congress by a constitutional provision to the annual budget balancing force. ". We do not need the Constitution extend to bring our house in order" to the likelihood of terrorist attacks, Obama said the biggest danger is the act of a single offender: "The most likely scenario, before we watch currently have, is more the action of a lone wolf than that of a massive, well-coordinated terrorist attack."

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