Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Italy arrested three Anonymous relevant members

The Italian Police has reported on its website the arrest of three people who are supposed to relevant members of the "cell" of Anonymous in Italy. The police reported that the operation was conducted in collaboration with the Swiss authorities and has resulted in the intervention and record 32 homes and the arrest of three people, including a minor.

After the records, the Italian police have carried out the arrest of three people who define themselves as "leading figures in the cell Anonymous in Italy." The operation was performed after the judicial police specialized in computer crimes in Italy identified the objectives of registration.

Italian security forces have stressed that the detainees "have been organized and carried out numerous attacks on corporate websites and companies." The police explained that targeted attacks by hackers have "caused tremendous damage" and noted that after the raids hacker teams of the companies "have not been able to provide normal services to users," causing the companies have incurred "huge expenses to restore the systems." Security forces across Europe are continuing to investigate the actions of Anonymous.

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