Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The French activists will reach Gaza by boat on Friday

The activists who travel aboard the French ship of the Second Fleet for Freedom, which has already managed to leave Greek waters and is in international waters, are intended to reach the Gaza Strip, the final destination of this initiative, within 72 hours, according to Nicole Kill advance MEP-Nielsen.

The ship, 'Dignité Al Karama ", carries twelve activists, including French MEP and has managed to leave the waters of Greece because it is a pleasure boat and therefore was not among those who were controlling Hellenic authorities.

Speaking to the "Nouvel Observateur," Kill-Nielsen explained that "by chance", the boat of the campaign 'A bateau français pour Gaza' "was not in the great port of Piraeus in Athens, like the other ships." So "try his luck, went from island to island until we realized we were in international waters," he added.

"We have succeeded in breaking the Greek blockade, we will now continue to the next goal: breaking the blockade of Gaza," said French MEP, specifying who think being "in Gaza in 72 hours." "We have prepared for the Israeli army mockery of international law, but we have the right to sail in international waters, it is our right and the law. Now we go to Gaza and we are determined," he assured Kill-Nielsen.

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