Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Israel stopped the ship that could come out from Greece to Gaza

No incidents or clashes, the Israeli Navy intercepted the French ship-Al Karama Dignité with 16 people on board (pro-Palestinian activists, crew and journalists) who wanted to reach the Gaza Strip. From ten o'clock, the Israeli navy had contact with the captain of the vessel to that required in English and French do not go towards Gaza.

"They will enter an area declared a naval blockade governed according to international law," the soldiers told him. Before the command Shayetet 13 get in the boat about 60-70 miles off the coast of Gaza, the army added: "We have reminded them that any supply they can do legally by land and can move to the Israeli port of Ashdod or Egyptian ports.

We have repeatedly warned. " The takeover by the Israeli commando-ordered directly by the army chief, Benny Gantz, there have been no clashes and the ship is being diverted to the Israeli port of Ashdod. Hence, the activists will be arrested and deported. Surrounded by four Israeli warships, the activists said they do not carry weapons and were willing to go to Gaza.

"Our mission is peaceful. We have no intention of using violence. It is a French-flagged ship that represents hundreds of activists who wanted to reach Gaza, "he said minutes before one of the speakers, French-Houdeville Thomas Sommer. The ship is a team of Arabic TV Al Jazeera and Israeli journalist, Amira Hass.

The Navy has announced the activists that will allow them back where they came so far that his forces have no choice but to board the ship.

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