Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cameron speaks to the Murdoch affair: A new dawn for British politics?

Now Prime Minister David Cameron in parliament tried to go on the offensive. For the lower house on Wednesday was postponed because of the scandal, especially the beginning of the summer break by one day. The Prime Minister himself is hurriedly returned from a trip to Africa ended prematurely London.

Under the jeers and heckling MPs presented a visibly excited Cameron in the House for a whole range of measures to curb the political field damage inflicted by the biggest media scandal in the country for decades. Media regulation will be revised in order to prevent unscrupulous research methods of journalists.

The police authorities, who determined the rumored for years in spying and sluggish in their ranks, some officials are under suspicion of corruption should be reformed. All parties should stop cozying up with their rulers through the mass media of the country, called Cameron. "A fresh start" policy in dealing with the powers of the media was necessary.

Actually, the country has enough other problems. The economy is barely growing inflation concern, the atrocities of the austerity program of the government in many spheres of public life brutally felt. On the other side of the Channel is brewing in the euro area together a currency crisis, which is also dangerous for Britain.

But for weeks, television news and newspaper headlines on the island from one topic to be mastered: Since earlier this month announced that the "News of the World" even the voice mailbox had cracked a murdered school girl, there's no holding back in the years smoldering affair. Overall, the journalists have for years tapped the phones of thousands of citizens across all walks of life.

And that only the "News of the World" should have applied such criminal methods, believing less and less British. "It would be naive to assume that this is limited to one media group," Cameron said on Wednesday. As for this scandal, but the Prime Minister himself sits in a glass house. Cameron had to admit in Parliament that he had underestimated the explosive nature of the affair.

Be retired in January spokesman Andrew Coulson was until 2007 editor of the newspaper scandal and then had to vacate the post because of the eavesdropping. The allegations against the "News of the World" have existed for years, an employee of the leaf was convicted of spying phone four years ago to a prison term.

Labour opposition leader Ed Miliband castigates Cameron Coulson bankruptcy as a "catastrophic" wrong decision and got on Wednesday presented the retort of post of prime minister. Cameron gleefully quoted the attacked what Rupert Murdoch said on Tuesday at a public hearing Parliament about his relationship to former Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown: No British politician he had so often met to discuss how Brown gave Murdoch on record.

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