Thursday, June 30, 2011

The North Korean government threatens its southern neighbor with a holy war

In the conflict with South Korea, the communist North Korea on Wednesday again raised the pitch and threatened a "holy war" for a few slogans that have been hanging on the Korean border. State media in the communist regime in Pyongyang accused the border units of the South Korean armed forces of offending the "army, honor system" of North Korea with slogans visible anticoreanos that has hung.

These banners, states comprise nearly a "declaration of war." The media however did not indicate the exact content of these slogans. A spokesman said that North Korea will respond to any provocation with a "holy war of reprisal and without compassion." Besides the official warned of "catastrophic consequences" if South Korea does not apologize for the provocation.

A few weeks ago, North Korea has already made similar threats after South Korea announced that give their soldiers were opening fire target practice against photos of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il. This practice was later suspended. Today's threats come the same day that a delegation of South Korean government and business travel to North Korea to discuss inter-Korean tourism project, which stalled for three years.

North Korea had announced it wanted to "get rid" of the South Korean resort of Kumgang mountain region in the east coast. Seoul suspended tours to the mountain Hyundai Kumgang in July 2008 due to security issues.

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