Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Man needed of the medical care steal 1$ to get treatment in prison

 A man 59 years old without work and in need of medical care has decided to pull off a bank robbery by $ 1 in order to end up in prison and use the infirmary. It happened in Gastonia, North Carolina, June 9 last year, but the ABC broke the news just now.

The man presented at the counter of the local bank and, pretending to be armed, asked the clerk: "Give me a dollar. I'm armed." After the clerk he executed the order, the man said: "Now call the police, I sit there." The officers arrived within minutes and found him sitting quietly on the sofa. The man, not armed, was arrested and has been temporarily placed in the cell.

But it should be released no later than June 28. He hoped to stay longer because - as he told some journalists - the sudden illnesses that afflict need at least one year of treatment.

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