Sunday, June 12, 2011

FRANCE - The New York Post presses DSK

Friends of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who was accused of sexual assault in a hotel, would secretly come into contact with the destitute family of the maid at the origin of the charges and would have offered money in exchange for a non-place, since they fail to reach the complainant, protected by police.

In any case, what we have learned the Post. The woman who says she was sexually assaulted by the former director of the International Monetary Fund in disgrace has many relatives in Guinea, formerly a French colony in West Africa, beyond the reach of Attorney in Manhattan. "They have already spoken to the family", we declare a French business woman close to Strauss-Kahn and his family.

"It is certain that it will end with discretion." In Manhattan, the prosecution did its best to prevent followers of Strauss-Kahn to have access to the maid, but the source said, success would be guaranteed for the French politico pals. "He will pull through and he will return to France.

He will not stay in prison. The woman is going to affect a lot of money," says this source, suggesting that a seven-figure sum was raised. If the prosecutor's office protects the maid - and will even monitor his calls - his large family lived in a village with no paved roads, electricity and telephone lines.

The average income is $ 45 per month [32 euros], barely enough to eat, and some members of his family can not even afford shoes. So they live away from everything, in a remote village, they did not know that the maid was the alleged victim of an attempted rape before journalists do come right home and tell them.

The victim, who lives with her 15 years in the Bronx, fled Guinea to the United States several years ago after the death of her husband. She enjoys financial support from her sister and her brother, who live in New York. The Crown has warned members of his family residing in the United States and urged them to not take calls from relatives of Strauss-Kahn.

Anyway, even without the testimony of the maid, the indictment provides have plenty of evidence against DSK, including the statement filmed the complainant's testimony before the grand jury, statements of colleagues at the hotel and semen samples taken from the carpet in the room at the Sofitel.

For now, Strauss-Kahn, aged 62, is under house arrest in a luxury pad in Manhattan, has found that Anne Sinclair, his wife billionaire. He must wear an ankle bracelet equipped with GPS and armed guards are there to prevent his escape. Moreover, according to new information, Strauss-Kahn would have shouted: "You know who I am?" assaulting his victim.

"You do not know who I am?" You do not know who I am? " Would he repeatedly asked during the incident, according to [the TV] Fox News. "Please, please, stop. No!", Would she screamed when he nailed on the bed, according to sources close to the police. "Stop, please. I need my job, I can not lose my job, do not do that.

I'll lose my job. Please, please, stop." he continued to assault him despite his pleas, the hanging around the entrance and forcing her to perform fellatio. The maid said he finally managed to escape by pushing against a table in his suite at 3000 dollars a night [2100 euros]. Some sources report a scratch in the back of the French, where he struck the cupboard, and the presence of blood on the sheets.

Investigators also confirm that the DNA Strauss-Kahn would correspond to a sample of semen taken from the coat of the chambermaid. Strauss-Kahn has meanwhile left her apartment that day at 71 Broadway, where he was under house arrest since his release from [the prison] Rikers last Friday [20 May].

He is now looking for a house to avoid the co-owners and other neighbors angry, and would have, say some sources, a budget of 50,000 dollars per month. "He passes the phone calls, but no real estate agent wants to work with him, says an industry expert. It seeks an agent who will help find a more discreet in order not to be harassed, and no matter What neighborhood.


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