Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The EU expands sanctions on Syria after recent attacks on Hama

The European Union (EU) plans to pass along today a new round of sanctions against the Syrian regime in response to the attacks in Hama (center) and other cities such as Homs and Deir el-Zur (east) . According to spokesman said today Community Affairs, Michael Mann, the decision is "imminent" and will be stamped by the twenty-seven in the coming hours.

This will be the fourth set of sanctions against Syria in the EU in recent months and will affect five new people involved in the violent suppression of protests citizens, who have their assets frozen and be barred from traveling to Europe, according to community sources. The list of Syrian leaders included the Twenty-sanctioned so far around thirty names, including the leader Bashar al-Asad.

The new measures, prepared over the last days will come soon after the offensive launched by Damascus to end protests against him and has left dozens dead (over a hundred according to some organizations), mainly in the city of Hama. The head of European diplomacy, Catherine Ashton, has described as "unacceptable" the continued repression in Syria and demanded that those responsible for recent massacres are brought to justice.

In a statement released last night, Ashton said he was "shocked" by reports of the operations carried out by the Syrian army and considered that they are something "totally unjustified".

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