Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cameron: Scotland Yard's situation is different from the British Government

British Prime Minister, David Cameron, refused on Monday that his government is in a similar situation to that of Scotland Yard, after the chief commissioner of the Metropolitan Police (Met), Paul Stephenson, and his deputy John Yates, resign over the scandal of the listeners 'News of the World'. Both resigned from his post for his relationship with Neil Wallis, the former deputy director of the newspaper by Rupert Murdoch who also worked as a consultant for the Met.

In a press conference in Pretoria (South Africa), a BBC reporter asked Cameron if the decision to hire Wallis is similar to the premier took in 2007 when he joined the former editor of News of the Worlds' Andy Coulson as communications chief of the British Conservative Party. Coulson resigned earlier this year from his post when the police reopened the investigation into the wiretapping.

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