Friday, August 26, 2011

Libya-war: violent resistance from the Gaddafi troops

 Gaddafi's fighters have apparently at least parts of the oil port of Ras Lanuf recaptured. Meanwhile, Gaddafi called on the population to resistance against the rebels, which he described as a rat. Even women and children should participate in the fight, Qaddafi said, according to the Arabic news channel Al Jazeera in the short audio message.

This was broadcast by a transmitter loyal to the regime. In the message Gaddafi has called on his followers to expel all those from the capital, had brought the shame. The imams in the mosques should call the Youth for a holy war against the rebels. "Destroy them (the rebels) quickly. You are the great majority, "he said.
"Do not allow the rats to Tripoli handed over to the colonial powers." 

The Executive Committee of the National Transitional Council, whose members are part of Benghazi to Tripoli on Thursday and traveled there in the evening would turn to take care of the population, now about the food supply, drinking water and gasoline as well as for waste disposal. These are "crisis committee" was set up for Tripoli and the rest of the country.

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