Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hugo Chavez evaluates to undergo a new cycle of chemotherapy

Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez said Monday that studies with their doctors to undergo a third phase of chemotherapy in cancer treatment. Despite plans to continue his treatment, the president began to speak in past illnesses. "I'm recovering from the disease I had, I had, but I care," said Chavez in a ceremony with school children who spoke from the balcony of Government House.

He added that because he must restrict his physical contact with people and take care of viruses and bacteria, which forced him to keep away. "I will live many years to realize the homeland of you guys," he said and said he was sure they stay in power beyond 2021.

He said that studies submitted to the new cycle of chemotherapy and that "we are worth everything." "I'm doing physical, organic, working for the rhythms, making decisions of state, participating with you in everything you can but stop the cavalry that you have inside. So I have to walk half way towards the full return" he said.

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