Saturday, July 2, 2011

Venezuela: Chavez confirmed cancer surgery

Just three weeks after his surgery in Havana, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has again shown on television. In a speech to the Venezuelan people, the 56-year-old president admitted at night to a Friday that the doctors had him removed to Cuba a cancer. He was initially on 10 Been operated on in June to an abscess in the pelvic area.

After that they had discovered a cancerous tumor that was removed but all. Now he was on in treatment to combat the various types of malignant cells in his body. A specific date for a return to Venezuela, Chavez did not call in by television and radio transmitted speech. During the speech, Chavez stood at a wooden lectern with two microphones.

On the wall behind him a large portrait of the South American freedom fighter Simon Bolivar was appropriate. On his right side, the Venezuelan national flag was visible. Chavez, who on Sunday a total of four weeks out of the country, admitted he had made in recent years, no medical checks.

This was a mistake. Despite his illness, he appeared combative. "Now and forever - we will be victorious and live," said Chavez, who exercised in the past few days from Havana and government functions and funds released for industrial projects. Recently, however, more and more rumors about his health.

The government in Caracas had always insisted that Chavez is well on its way to recovery. Two days ago, was in Venezuela and Cuba aired a video that showed Chavez talking with Cuba's revolutionary leader Fidel Castro in a garden. Until then, he had reported only once directly in a telephone interview to speak.

Chávez, Venezuela was the fifth Leave in June and was initially flown to Brazil and Ecuador. On 8 June he met on the last leg of his journey in Cuba, where he resides since then.

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