Sunday, July 10, 2011

Malaysia: Hundreds of protesters arrested

670 people were arrested at the rally banned by the government, said the federal police said in a statement. According to witnesses, riot police armed with batons were rounding up the protesters and dragged them into police vehicles. Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim told the news service via Twitter with the Internet, he had suffered from the tear gas "minor injuries".

On the news site Malaysiakini said that Ibrahim had suffered a cut wound to the head. Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has used tear gas in the "minor injuries" suffered According to the organizers, around 20,000 people participated in the demonstration. The protests were organized by the opposition Bersih-citizen groups.

They call for a revision of electoral rolls, measures to prevent electoral fraud and more opportunities for opposition parties to promote pro-government media. The opponents of the government coalition of Prime Minister Najib Razak before the demand expected in mid-2012 elections fairer and more transparent electoral laws.

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