Friday, July 1, 2011

British officials' strike leaves class to 40% of students

The British Government, formed by conservatives and liberals, is facing its first major strike by public sector workers-about 750,000-in protest at pension reform, which is part of the austerity of the Executive in a attempt to cut the deficit. According to estimates by the unions, "hundreds of thousands" of workers from various social sectors have supported the strike on Thursday and that the sectors most affected were education and airports and ports.

Around 8,000 of 24,000 schools have completely closed their facilities, and many others confirmed their partial closure. Air travelers faced delays on their flights because immigration officials joined the strikes. Courts and government buildings were also affected. Meanwhile, the Metropolitan Police said that 90% of staff attending the public was not called to work.

The strike is called by four different unions, including teachers, office of unemployment, courts, ports and offices of Finance and prison employees. The reform of the pensions of public workers will be to increase social contributions of these employees and the retirement age. Officials claim that the reform will force them to "work and contribute more to earn less money." Different cities have been the scene of demonstrations, while London has held a rally outside the headquarters of the Parliament of Westminster.

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