Sunday, June 26, 2011

New York relaxes gay marriage

I can not stop crying, we did it boys "is a radiant Lady Gaga said that the historic decision of the State of New York City: Friday night is the law that was approved recognizes the right of same-sex marriage. In addition to the new queen of pop, an explosion of joy greeted the vote in districts high concentration of homosexuals, especially Greenwich Village, where dozens of activists had gathered since the beginning of the evening.

The law was approved last week by the House of the state. In the Senate, the text was amended by Senate Republicans, by introducing a number of religious exceptions. In the end it was voted by 33 senators (including 4 Republicans) against 29 (among them a Democrat). The standard must be re-approved Saturday by the House in its amended version and then promulgated by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

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