Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Iran hanged in public three men sued of rape and robbery

Iranian authorities hanged in public on Friday three men for rape and armed robbery, reported local news agency Fars. The public execution was a very common procedure in the early days of the Islamic Republic, founded in 1979 - but in recent years had been confined to the yards of prisons to try to improve the country's image. However, in recent months has become to report physical punishment, such as whipping, and executions in the streets of the country.

Iran applies an interpretation of Sharia Islamic law that condemns to death the murderers, rapists, drug traffickers and those who violate the law of Allah and the Islamic Republic. According with the Amnesty International statistics, Iran is more than 300 hangings a year, the second country in the world with more executions, behind only China and ahead of Saudi Arabia and the United States.

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