Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gaddafi's army tries to destroy the refinery Misurata

Gaddafi's army launched the evening of Monday, a Grad rocket attack against the town's refinery, located about eight kilometers from the village, and nearly causing a disaster. No one was injured, but a rocket destroyed two emergency diesel generators that are less than 50 meters from the four main fuel tanks and diesel.

Adjacent crystals checkpoint exploded without injuring any workers. Refinery managers can photograph the damage but not the large deposits that have been saved. They do not need much fuel they contain. A few yards beyond the shelter of the generators teach the remains of a projectile embedded in the asphalt. They say he fell from 19.45 hours on Monday between four and six rockets.

The refinery operations are kept because the emergency generators were damaged in the event that main power supply failure.

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