Tuesday, June 28, 2011

France spends 1,000 million euro in its nuclear energy program

French President Nicolas Sarkozy confirmed that France has invested 1,000 million euros in the future of nuclear energy, especially in the fourth generation reactors and nuclear safety. This is part of the plan of 35,000 million euros to revive the French economy presented in 2009 with the name of "future investment".

"We intend to continue investing in nuclear safety," said the head of the French state in the Elysee Palace. Chairman Gallo said that before the end of 2011 will have committed about 20,000 of those 35,000 million authorized by the state to finance about 1,500 projects selected. These include nuclear energy, but also industries such as nanotechnology, renewable energy, aviation, public research and university or the digital economy initiatives spread over different geographical areas of the country.

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