Thursday, May 19, 2011

Crime and traps

The dramatic arrest in New York by Dominique Strauss-Kahn, when he was aboard the plane that was to take him to Paris, has led, naturally, very different reactions. But in addition, has also raised great suspicion: that all this is a great mount, a trap, with political objectives. Two of these objectives seem feasible: disable Strauss-Kahn as a future socialist candidate for president of the French Republic and force his retirement or resignation as director of the International Monetary Fund.

In the former, it should be noted that the French polls gave him a large advantage over their competitors expected. On the second, the IMF has a key position in global economic restructuring and is known the favorable position of Strauss-Kahn on the bailout of European states into receivership, with the impact that all this implies in the relations between the euro and the dollar.

These suspicions are reinforced by the weak credibility of the facts, apparently, the complaint is based and also the accused's reputation as a womanizer who does public opinion credible allegations made to it, despite promiscuity in sexual relations and gender violence are of fundamentally different nature.

However, contrary to assertions Medea in the tragedy of Seneca, who provided no benefits, the famous crime-prodest care is the author of it. Has understood the New York judge has given credence to the applicant, Strauss-Kahn accused of crimes of abuse and sexual assault and attempted rape, among others, and continues to detain the defendant until, in accordance with the law, a grand jury decide tomorrow whether there is sufficient evidence of criminality to initiate criminal proceedings ascertain definitely the case.

In the meantime, so read and heard, everyone, without exception, taken for a public career finally ended the French politician. We are still waiting on whether or not judicial proceedings and, if such a procedure is started, it will be for an indefinite period of time also awaiting a ruling to declare the guilt or innocence of the accused.

However, a court in this case more important than the court itself has already issued its verdict without waiting for evidence: the court of public opinion in this case induced by a few politicians and media worldwide . They have charged the accused without answering. They have already rendered.

Jesus or Barabbas, remember? Same thing. Nobody knows for sure what will come of it. In any case, or is a crime or is a trap. I guess the judge will take into account all the implications of the case and will not act lightly. Therefore, it is likely that the evidence there, Strauss-Kahn is processed and should put and end to his political career without awaiting a final decision.

Also today, the company in some respects, but not in most Puritanical, increasingly, the honor of a person is more impaired by a crime rate that is charged by the Strauss-Kahn for theft in its many variants. But it is also possible that what happened is a trap: many, for varying reasons, were willing to drop the French politician, knew their weaknesses and providing for the public reaction to an accusation of this kind.

In the event that they decided to demolish it by an operation like the New York hotel most likely is that his crime "because it would also be a crime, go unpunished, well-planned acts and also carried out by intermediaries, always go unpunished. And that impunity would not be enough just to be neither charged nor convicted but that would achieve the aim pursued.

The presumption of innocence, that a person is convicted if the evidence shows to a fair trial and to due process has been limited to a procedural principle and in this area is fully effective. However, for the purposes of the public image of an accused, especially those known socially, the situation is reversed: what is presumed innocent but not guilty.

It is not the first nor the last time unless the legislature remedy protecting the honor of the defendant in a hypermedia world. I do not know whether Strauss-Kahn made the hideous crimes of which he is charged. In time we will know the truth procedural matter. But I do know, whether processed or not, whether convicted or not, is that it is already a defeated politician.

And this is not fair. The right only has a legitimate aim: to do justice. And this case, the guarantee of the presumption of innocence in the social field, not in today's society, legally well settled.

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