Thursday, April 21, 2011

Islamists reject protest royal wedding

Scotland Yard has indicated Tuesday that he has rejected a request from a radical Islamist group to carry out a protest near Westminster Abbey on April 29, the day of the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. This group, called Muslims against the Crusaders, he starred in another demonstration during the Armistice Day of World War I, when burned 'Poppys' snaps as the British red poppy in his lapel was placed on 11 November to commemorate the sale date and which is intended to raise funds for wounded military veterans and their families.

Metropolitan Police officers have said on Tuesday that continue to debate whether it prevents the organization of protests in other parts of the British capital. The ultra-nationalist group The British Defense League had also noted, according to the BBC, that it would conduct a "counter-protest" if granted permission.

Deputy Commissioner of the police, Lynne Owens, said that negotiations with activist groups "continue", but has promised that there will be no changes during the event. Owens said that the police see it as "a day of celebration" "We will ensure that no protest alter this conclusion for the royal family," he added.

The source has stated that they must decide whether to authorize a demonstration in the area near the Parliament on that date and that the body could establish conditions for a possible protest. "It is in the process of negotiation where we are at this time. But people should have the absolute assurance that (possible protests) do not alter the day and we have a safe and happy event," he said.

For the day of the actual link is provided for a police deployment in which 5,000 agents participate. With just over a week that is considered the real event of the year, the police examined every corner of the route will follow the couple down to Westminster Abbey and police dogs have scoured the bins and poles of lights for possible explosives.

Air Support Unit of the Metropolitan Police deployed a helicopter camera system equipped with high-definition video to help operators in land.

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